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IT consulting is a broad service helping companies implement new transformative software, design and run reliable, change-ready infrastructures, and manage IT resources with maximum return. ScienceSoft’s IT consulting offer covers all IT ecosystem components and spans from strategic advisory services to implementation.

Whether you plan to digitally transform one business process or all the business areas, we will analyze what challenges you need to solve and develop a fitting IT strategy.

We will assess your legacy software and offer modernization activities to improve its overall efficiency and cut software maintenance costs.

We will address any software-related challenges or blockers to help you avoid costly mistakes when building new software or draw maximum business value from your existing systems and products.

When building custom software from scratch, we ensure workflows that are easily understandable for users, maintainable code, and comprehensive supporting documentation.

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At EnHub, we bring a unique, security-first mindset to your Identity Security strategy. We’ve developed first-to-market innovations that help prevent privileged attacks.

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