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What is Security Operations (SecOps)?

Security operations, or SecOps, involve integrating information security with IT operations within a business to enhance teamwork and minimize risks. SecOps consists of practices implemented by Security Operations Centers (SOC) to strengthen an organization’s security stance. Traditionally, many businesses have managed security and IT operations as separate entities, each operated by different divisions using their own unique strategies and methods.

Frequently, these compartmentalized organizational structures prove to be inherently inefficient and dysfunctional. Each group operates with distinct and often conflicting goals. Operations teams concentrate on enhancing IT service agility and maximizing system performance, while security teams prioritize defending infrastructure from malicious attacks, safeguarding sensitive data, and adhering to governmental and industry regulations.

There is an inherent tension between IT operations teams, pressured to deploy new applications and services swiftly, and security teams tasked with protecting vital IT systems and data. Security operations aim to dismantle organizational and cultural barriers, resolving inefficiencies and conflicts by promoting a security-first approach and integrating security within IT operations. Through SecOps, mitigating threats and risks becomes a collaborative responsibility, allowing operations and security professionals to work closely together to minimize vulnerabilities while maintaining business agility.

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At EnHub, we bring a unique, security-first mindset to your Identity Security strategy. We’ve developed first-to-market innovations that help prevent privileged attacks.

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